We at have dealt with hundreds of thousands of caps over our existence. Taking care of your beloved hat takes minimal amount of time and we want to share some of our knowledge with you.
The basics of cap care starts with keeping dust to a minimum. Over time, dust can settle into the fabric of your favorite cap. This is especially true for wool caps and performance polyester fabric and so frequent dusting is the key to the longevity of your cap.
24 Cap Carrier
When not wearing them, you can store them in a plastic bag. However, getting air allows the cap to keep shape and circulation of fresh air keeps the hats fresher. A storage case such as the New Era 6 or 24 cap carrier does wonders. It helps to keep dust out and yet allows in air for circulation.
Cap Brush
Although you are welcome to use any brush, we are especially keen on utilizing the 100% Horse Hair New Era Wooden Cap Brush. (You can also use a shoe shining brush as well) Hold the cap with one hand and start brushing slowly front to back in a soft directional motion.
Cap Brush
Then on the same side, brush the cap in a circular motion. This 2 step brushing technique allows the bristles to get dust out and yet keep the strands in check. Now, once done, move on the opposite side and repeat the 2 step process. It may take multiple passes, but the end effort is worth it. Do not use rigorous force. Doing so may damage the strands and the material of the cap.